October 27, 2021

An open letter from Ivana Alawi’s friend went VIRAL. Famous Actress secrets were revealed.


Many were surprised by  this open letter went viral who is said to be a close friend of actress Ivana Alawi. In such an open letter sharing except for their previous friendship with ivana who suddenly disappeared when it became famous. This friend of Ivana’s was also exposed.

The actress’ best friend said that when Ivana or Maria were not yet famous by their real name, they were with her in Ivana’s dream of becoming famous. It was only then that it was his dream to enter showbiz and he was also the breadwinner in their family. As proof of its friendship, it has shared photos where they are together on galas and sometimes they even include Ivana’s younger sister Mona in the photo.

Until one day, Ivana allegedly called him and shared the news that he was in a condo. After that, he said something about the change in the actress’ body.

Ilang araw lang lumipas , tumawag uli si Maria. Kinabahan na naman ako, hala! nagpaboobs na. Sabi ko pa paano? Nakatulog lng ako? Hmm.  So go na naman ako sa lungga niya sleep over galore.” 

Nasundan pa nagpaveneers ang loka. Pero dahil lagi siya niloloko ni tita na parang anlaki daw ng ipin niya so kamalaunan pinaulit niya “she stated. 

It is said that after these changes in Ivana’s body, her dream of becoming an actress gradually came true and her entry into various programs. It is said that with every success of Ivana, when her dream came true, she was the first to be told by the actress and it was also included in every celebration of Ivana. But all of a sudden the actress allegedly changed and didn’t make them feel when she became fully famous. According to the friend, he did not know why this happened.

It was first allegedly unfollowed until Ivana completely blocked it when she started blogging. Don’t get me wrong I am proud of your achievement but I am not proud of who you become.