September 24, 2021

Derek Ramsay calls Ellen Adarna “BRUHA”


Derek Ramsay shared a video of himself and Ellen Adarna talking on their phones while chilling. In the video, Ellen can be seen giggling hysterically while showing Derek something on her phone. The handsome actor explained that he shared this footage to demonstrate how much Ellen improved his day. Furthermore, in the description of the photo, he playfully referred to his fiancée as “bruha,” most likely in reference to her laugh.

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna’s relationship is always a source of positive energy for social media users.

Derek shared a video of him and Ellen chilling with each other while on their phones, according to us. Ellen may be seen in the video giggling hysterically while presenting something to Derek on her phone.

Derek claims he uploaded this video to demonstrate how much Ellen improved his day. In the description of the photo, he also playfully referred to his fiancée as “bruha,” most likely owing to her distinct laugh.

“Sorry for posting this video again, but this is why I love you so much! “Thanks bruha for bringing so much happiness in my life,” Derek wrote on Instagram.

Derek Ramsay is one of the Philippines’ most sought-after leading males. He appeared in films such as “No Other Woman” and “English Only, Please,” both of which received critical praise. Angelica Panganiban, Solenn Heussaff, Cristine Reyes, and Joanne Villablanca are among Derek’s celebrity ex-girlfriends.

Derek shocked the internet when he announced that he and Ellen Adarna are now engaged, as previously rumored. Many people were taken aback by the news, especially considering the two had only been dating for a month when the announcement was made. Celebrities expressed their joy at the couple’s engagement.

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Ellen’s son, Elias Modesto, was also captured on video responding to the good news. After Ellen told him she was finally getting married, Elias seemed thrilled and joyous in the video. Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay, and Elias Modesto appear to be one big happy family in their photos and videos together.