September 24, 2021

Jennica Garcia removes “Uytingco” from her social media account; unfollows her husband on Instagram.


Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia, a married celebrity couple, have separated. The actress, who has since returned to performing with the GMA network, confirmed this but disputed that their breakup was due to money.  

Jennica Garcia is still getting on with her life after her breakup from Alwyn Uytingco.

She doesn’t remove the estranged husband’s last name from her account, which is apparent today because of the volume of news they are parting.  

However, recently, Jennica has removed Alwyn’s surname from her Instagram account. She created @jennicagarciaph from @jennicauytingco.

@jennicauytingco was tagged in the photo of Alwyn’s most recent Instagram post with her on June 29.

Jennica said in a series of posts on Tuesday, July 20, that they are still striving to be good parents to their children.  

She also denied that they had gotten back together.

Even though she and Alwyn are separated, the actress claims that when it comes to their children, they want to remain whole.

She also said that she would not make the two children angry with their father.

Jennica stated, “Magka pamilya man na iba si Alwyn in the future, ano man ang mangyari, hindi ko ipagdadamot ang mga anak ko sa Tatay Alwyn nila.”

“I know that this statement might be difficult to understand para sa mga taong hindi pa pamilyado but this is the reality I now face.”

“While Alwyn is doing his best to restore our family. I need time to heal. I need to keep my relationship to God first and foremost a top priority,” she added.

Jennica moved out with her two daughters amid their separation issues and is currently living in a one-bedroom apartment. 

Her spouse also appears to be attempting to reclaim her and their children. Alwyn’s social media posts emphasized his affection for them and his desire to see them again. As a result, he would go to any length to have them again on his side. 

Alwyn, on the other hand, has yet to make any new posts.