October 26, 2021

LOOK: Meet Jeric Raval’s lovely daughter!


The youngest child of Jeric to Monica Herrera. He was born in February 1998 and is now 23-years-old. Like her parents, Janina also entered showbiz in 2017. She is a great singer and current contract artist of Viva. Janina is no longer active in showbiz but she still posts frequently on her social media accounts.

She was able to receive the nice looks of her Daddy Jeric and her Mommy Monica Herrera, who was a previous gorgeous actress, proving that beautiful genes flow in their family. 

She is the eldest of the three children they had together.

She attempted to follow in their footsteps in the local entertainment scene by signing with a prominent talent agency three years ago, when she was just 19 years old, and becoming a recording artist.

And now, three years after her debut, nitizens learned that Janina has her own family! 

Nitizens could tell how happy and proud she is to be spending most of her time with her adored partner Thew and their lovely baby child Hunter Gabriel by looking at her Instagram account. 

He was born on September 23, 2019,.

She has somehow converted from a confirmed rock chic to a dutiful partner and hands-on parent to her small family. 

And, in contrast to her previous IG feed, which was filled with random shots in black and white and dark filters, we can see how her current one is brightly colored and filled with lovely photos of their bundle of joy.

Today, Janina is one of the talents of Viva Artist Agency.  “Like father like daughter” It inherits the aspect and physical form of the actor, whether skill or behavior.