December 8, 2021

LOOK: Sharon Cuneta admits to having a breast reduction.


Sharon Cuneta shared a snapshot of herself and Marco Gumabao from a scene in the film Revirginized on her Instagram account on June 13, 2021.  

Sharon is clothed in a red bathing suit, and her cleavage is the main focus of the shot.  

She wrote in the caption: “Titigan n’yo na pong mabuti. Kasi ba may liliit po sa pics na ‘yan. Hahahaha!”  

In the caption of her photo with Marco, Sharon is not joking.  

She revealed the facts about the breast reduction treatment she underwent when she traveled to America at Revirginized’s virtual media conference, August 4.  

Sharon was compelled to reveal her surgery as the strap of her bra kept falling off at a Zoom news conference for the film she was participating in.  

She said, “Sorry itong strap ng… pwede bang magsabi ng something.

“Nagpunta ako ng Amerika, di ba? Tumaba ako pero konti lang, may lumiit sa akin.

“I had my chest reduced.

“I gained so much weight and then I breastfed Miel, “Sharon referring to her youngest child.

She added, “And after gaining and losing, a lot of it was skin and fats.

“No, I didn’t have implants. It was all-natural.

“But it’s all skin and fats and so I had it reduced.”

Sharon also said that she had a breast lift procedure.  

When Giselle Sanchez, the press conference moderator, asked if Sharon’s breast reduction and breast lift could be written down, Sharon responded quickly, “Oo naman”  

The Mega-Star continued, “Sinabi ko na ‘yan sa Instagram. Meron akong ipinost na ‘tingnan niyo nang mabuti itong picture namin ni Pawie…’

“Kami ni Pawie yata ‘yon, yung naka-bathing suit ako sa movie, ‘kasi baka may liliit ho diyan, e.”

Meanwhile, because of his qualities, Sharon describes Marco as “a dream to work with.”

She shared, “Dyusko, anak ko na ‘yan, younger than KC.

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“In the movie, I call him Pawie.

“Usually, when it’s someone his age that I work with, I call him son, anybody, son or anak.

“With Marco, I tried to keep it really straight. ‘This is Pawie, this is my honey in the movie.’

“So, hanggang promo, pinaninindigan ko ‘yon for the sake of the movie.”

“But he’s a dream to work with because he is professional. He is obviously the heartthrob of Viva now.”