January 27, 2022

Mahal- Jealousy Overload over Donita and Mygz


In the recent vlog entitled, “Ganito pala magalit si mahal” of “Donekla in Tandem”, Donita, Tekla, and Mygz had a plan of making Mahal jealous. A prank was set and Mahal is their target.

During the first phase, they had the “Sagot o Lagot 2.0 portion. If you say “sagot , you’ll be answering the fiery question, while “lagot” means you’ll take a shot. 

The first question was for Mygz.

“Na-try mo na bang lokohin si Mahal?” Donita asked.

“Sagot. Hindi,” Mygz answered. 

The romantic excitement was seen on Mahal’s face as she looked at Mygz joyfully.

The second question was meant for Mahal.

“mahal mob a si mygz bilang isang karelasyon. Sagot o lagot?” Donita asked.

Mahal, being controversial, chose lagot and instead of taking a shot of alcohol, she had to do a consequence. The consequence was actually for Mygz wherein he had to whisper “I love you” in Donita’s ears. 

Donita and Mygz purposely acted lovey-dovey all the way to see Mahal’s reaction.

When Mahal asked Donita about her crush, Donita answered, of course as part of the plan, that it’s Mygz.

“Ako talaga, ano, eto para malaman ninyong lahat kasi nanunuod ako sa inyo eh. Naka-subscribe ako sa inyo. Naku-cute-an ako sa kanya tsaka nababaitan ako tasaka feeling ko ang sweet niyang tao. Ang swerte ko nga kasi kasama siya ngayon. So, ang crush ko talaga ay si si Mygz,” Donita answered.

Later on, Mahal confessed that she gets jealous when someone is approaching Mygz.

The netizens were filled with joy with the jested vlog and some were sorrowful as they read the recent news about Mahal’s expiration last night, August 3, 2021.

“Nakakatuwa talaga si Mahal. Kaya love love ko yan.”

“One of the best last moments of mahal with you guys, including the one when she visited Mura. Rest in peace, Mahal.”

“Nawala bigla lagnat ko kakatawa ang gagaling lahat. We love you Mahal ang cute cute cute mo po.”

“Cute ni Ate mahal magselos… kilig to the bones.. I love it.. thank you Donekla.”