January 27, 2022

Mahal Promised to Pay for Mura’s Physical Theraphy


Noeme Tesorero or known by many as “Mahal” promised to pay for Mura’s physical for him to be able to walk again. Mura or Allan Padua in real life is Mahal’s former love team. This offer made Mura to shed tears again because of overflowing happiness. Aside from grocery items, he was also given a sum of money for allowance. Mahal hoped for Mura’s recovery, so he can have his showbiz comeback. According to Mygz, the groceries they bought are limited since the items were hard to travel in Mura’s house in which vehicles cannot go to. They needed men to lift the groceries and walked for minutes to reach Mura’s abode.

Mahal and Mura both shone as comedians, hence, it’s inevitable for Mahal to extend help for her close friend, Mura. Mahal also participated in movies Id’Nal (Mapusok) (2012), Kokey (1997), and Mr. Suave: Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! (2003). Recently, Mahal has been doing vlogs with her boyfriend, Mygz. She also shared her simple life before her name became big in the showbiz world.

Apparently, last night, August 31, 2021, dreadful news came in. Mahal, at the age of 47, perished. It was confirmed by her stepmother Josefa Tesorero, but she pleaded not to do any interview as the whole family is grieving upong losing Mahal. Everything was so sudden. It was just two day ago when team “MAHMYGZ” uploaded their newest vlog. Their last video entitled, “NAKAKAGIGIL KINABAHAN AKO DON AH (PAGANG PAGA)”, their pet dog, Chanel delivered its pups and Mygz was the one who nursed it. Mahal was so healthy in the video and even jested as if she was the one who is in labor. This is the reason why the netizens were flabbergasted with the recent news. Indeed, it feels surreal. Life is truly unpredictable, hence, we need to always be thankful for waking up each day.