January 27, 2022

Mahal’s “CRYPTIC MESSAGE” in the most recent YouTube video has piqued the interest of netizens.


Not everyone thought that the visit of the former tandem Mahal to Mura was like bidding a farewell.

Just on August 20, Mahal and Mygz Molino even visited Mura, Mahal’s fellow comedian who now lives in Guinobatan, Albay.

Mygz Molino recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in collaboration with Mahal, Mura’s former love team, and it was entitled, “HANGGANG SA MULI MURA/MAHAL/MYGZ MOLINO”. Realizing the title of Video? 

Is it a sign? 

Just today August 31,  showbiztrending has publitize MAHAL’s  goodbye to earth at the age of 46. It was  Mahal’s family confirmed her  death due to gastro illness and COVID-19.

But before this goodbyes happened! One notable thing in the tweets is that they mention Mahal’s last YouTube video.

Mahal said meaningfully to Mura: “Hanggang sa tumanda ako, at uugod-ugod, siyempre pupunta pa rin ako dito. “Pag may raket, iaano kita.

“Kapag halimbawa nawala ako sa mundo, mayro’n pang konting tulong ako sa ‘yo.” This crptic statement by Mahal made Mura cry.

Mura was so touched because even its too far from her residence, still mahal visited him and remembered him.

“Mahal told Mura not to cry anymore and followed with this  “Baka mababaha tayo ng luha dito, mamaya hindi na ‘ko makauwi nang buhay,”

With Mahal trending video, netizens tweeted their shocking reactions  at the comedian’s 

Sudden death , was just recently they just watched a   posted vlog where Mahal can be seen still very loud while laughing.

A netizen said, he was horrified at the part where Mahal said “.”Kapag halimbawa nawala ako sa mundo, mayro’n pang konting tulong ako sa ‘yo.”.”

 Seems to be a “cryptic message” from the comedian . 

Others, however, said it seemed to serve as “foreshadowing” and “sign.”