January 27, 2022

Marian Rivera has a twin in America? Meet Lea Dumortier


Marian Rivera is undeniably one of the most attractive women in Philippine entertainment. 

Marian is also one of the most well-known Filipino celebrities in the world, with 25 million Facebook fans and being named one of Forbes Asia’s Top 100 Digital Stars recently.

The award-winning Kapuso actress is loved not only for her beauty and talent, but also for her charity efforts, financial acumen, and role as a loving wife and mother to husband Dingdong Dantes.

Although there can only be one Marian Rivera, a French-Taiwanese girl who looks astonishingly similar to the Kapuso Primetime Queen has recently sparked Internet speculation.

Filipinos were drawn to this young French-Taiwanese girl named Lea Dumortier because of her likeness to Marian.

Lea Dumortier, is extremely attractive and might easily be classified as an Actress in the Philippines.

She looks very similar to Marian Rivera even though without make-up .  She has also a  mole on her face which is Marian Rivera also have it.

 This lady is currently residing in the United States and attending UC Berkeley for college, was born in Los Angeles, but she also calls Tainan, Taiwan in her home according to her social media.

Posting on her social media. 

Sheseemed to agree with some of the comments and suggestions made by the internet community. 

“Maybe I’m secretly her daughter,” Lea said in the caption of one of her video compilations, comparing her photographs to Marian’s. It has now received 2.9 million views.

On Instagram, she has over 10,000 followers, and on TikTok, she has over 157,000 followers.

This stunning, beautiful and sexy lady is turning 19 this September.