October 26, 2021

Meet Ranz Kyle’s Beauty Queen Girlfriend


The 24-year-old YouTube vlogger Ranz Kyle Viniel Evidente Ongsee or known as Ranz Kyle flaunted her beauty queen girlfriend Milissa Grande. 

In his recent FB video post, he shared their travel experience in the US. The netizens were glad to meet Ranz Kyle’s significant half and shared their piece of thoughts.

“I’m so happy, seeing you guys enjoy california…you guys should try “in n out” and “chik fil A” #RanzKyle”

“Been active watching your vlogz again Ranz when you introduce Milissa as your girlfriend… stay strong and just enjoy.. God bless you both.”

A fan even thanked Ranz for sharing a groufie with them.

“Thanks for accommodating a groupie with us! My nephew, Aldrich Clavin, who was on the same flight with you and one of your avid followers has been spotting you with almost all your spot stops in SFO so we encouraged him to take a photo with you when we bumped in to both of you at Painted Ladies. Hope we are not rude to have bogged you on your R&R. Hope you had a nice time in Cali!”

Ranz Kyle is Niana Guerero and Natalia Guerero’s half-brother. The three of them share the same talent- dancing. Because of that talent, Ranz started his career as a former member of Chicser, a musical band, and later on, had his acting break in TV. More than that, he was renowned for the smooth dance moves that made him popular on social media platforms. 

Meanwhile, Milissa Grande, a beauty queen, commercial model, and potential singer, is from Tarlac. Their family emigrated to Canada since she was young. Milissa was an aspiring contestant in an international pageant in which she represented Canada. However, she decided to go back to the Philippines to take a break before trying to look again for new opportunities.