December 8, 2021

Mommy Divine’s current situation breaks Sarah Geronimo’s heart.


According to certain reports, Sarah Geronimo has been handling her income and is no longer Mommy Divine since her February 2020 marriage to actor Matteo Guidicelli.  

As a result, there are rumors that Mommy Divine is suffering, and their businesses in Quezon City have yet to open.   

According to some sources, Sarah’s family-owned Geronimo’s Cafe and Restaurant has been closed since the C0VID-19 pandemic lockdown. Mommy Divine, on the other hand, has another business open next to the eatery.

Imo’s Wholesome Organic Foods and All-Natural Organic Products are available here. The items that Mommy Divine sells here are from their Maharlika farm in Tanay, Rizal.  

Vegetables and fruits are just a handful of the items Mommy Divine sells here. In addition, she offers meat and poultry. They also have the freshest fruit shakes on the market.  

Their other business, Johngrasher Merchandising, is located just outside the store and sells a variety of toys, displays, and gift products.  

Mommy Divine was seen going to the store to take care of and prepare their store for its reopening, according to sources.  

Almost every business has been greatly affected by the pandemic that we are currently experiencing. As a result, Sarah’s family businesses were seriously affected. The wonderful thing is that it will rise again, and Mommy Divine will attempt these once more.  

As a response, users of social media can’t help but wonder how Sarah Geronimo reacted when she learned that their family business, Geronimo’s Cafe and Restaurant, has yet to start. Imo’s Wholesome Foods Organic and All Natural Organic Products, which Sarah’s parents rely on for a living, is still open.  

Possibly, Sarah may still be saddened by her family’s present situation.  

We know for a fact how important Sarah’s family is to her.  

Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo-Guidicelli is a Filipino singer and actress.  

Geronimo became famous in 2002 after winning the television singing competition Star for a Night, which led to a recording contract with Viva Records.