October 27, 2021

Netizens’ Awesomesauce Reactions to Nadine Lustre’s Ducati Motorbike Worth Php 499,000


Everything about Nadine Lustre trends to every social media platform. From her viral barefaced portrait in Siargao, and her alluring bikini outfits. Nadine Lustre is definitely leading her lifestyle and passion which made her fans love her even more.

Recently, the netizens were awed by Nadine Lustre’s new purchase of the Ducati motorcycle.  Surely, her taste is on a different level!

A photo of Nadine while trolling inside a Ducati branch in QC went viral. Seems like her fans were also curious about her store visitation. Indeed, she bought a Ducati  Srambler Sixty2 model in which the price starts at Php 499,000.00. 

Her newest purchase became a fad on Facebook, mostly with ”Welcome to the Ducati family, Nadine Lustre” post reads.

Meanwhile, the netizens expressed their euphoria.

“Nadine Lustre and her new Ducati WOW!”

“Now I know what is #Ducati because of #Nadine Lustre [simling face with heart-shaped eyes].”

“Nadine lustre just be living with my  dream life, from having a corgi, a jeep wrangler and now a fkn ducati?!! The real sana ol”

“Nadine Lustre with her Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. Ang angaslang. Di talaga ‘to pabebe. Jeep Wrangler ang car, Boxing at Surfing ang sports. Nag fa firing pa pala.”

“Gorg bike for a gorg rider #NadineLustre #ducati”

“Pa angkas Nadz! Ang cool ni mamiii”

“Nadine lustre sagsaan mo ko ng ducati mo please.”