September 24, 2021

New complainants are up against the group that stole TikTok Star’s cellphone.


TikTok Star has uploaded fresh footage following the confrontation between Hazel Edep and people who got her cellphone on Raffy Tulfo’s ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ program.  

Hazel also expressed gratitude to her supporters, saying that they continue to believe in her and that she is telling the truth.  

Tulfo recently spoke with Hazel and JM, who shared their perspectives on the return of their lost cellphone. This comes after Angelito Martin’s camp, who is accused of picking up Hazel’s cellphone, turned to ‘Wanted sa Radyo.’  

Martin is currently in prison on charges of extortion amounting to Php50,000. Even though Hazel apparently promised a reward of Php7,000, Martin’s camp disputed this. As a result, Tulfo decided to have a lie detector test conducted on both sides so that he could determine who he should assist.  

Meanwhile, due to a new complaint against the same group that stole the cellphone, the case is still not closed.  

Maritess and Alvin Rivera came on Raffy Tulfo’s show ‘Wanted sa Radyo,’ claiming that they, too, were victims of the group that stole TikTok Star Hazel Edep’s cellphone.  

Marites claims the event happened in Divisoria, where she lost Php20,000. According to her, Jumar, Annabelle, and Angelito were the attackers, who were also interviewed by Hazel Edep, who purportedly found her lost phone.  

The incident occurred in 2019, yet it seems new to Maritess, who is still crying as she recounts the story. Before they eventually pushed her, she stated she looked at the group that was talking loudly.  

Until she discovered that she had lost the Php20,000 she was carrying, which devastated her greatly.

Tulfo’s staff proceeded to the police station as preliminary confirmation, where the pair blotted out what happened.  

It comes out that on May 25, 2019, four persons from Maritess were arrested for theft. These four are reported to be members of the gang that allegedly extorted TikToker Hazel Edep for her stolen cellphone.