October 27, 2021

To whom the assets and welath of the Late Famous Comedian Mahal Tesrero will actually go to?

After the passing of comedy icon Mahal, many are asking who will go to the property she left behind. Due to Mahal’s sudden disappearance, many are intrigued as to whether she left a last will and testament.

According to Mahal’s brother Jason Tesorero, due to the rapid death and unexpected disappearance of his sister, she left no documents at all.statement of the last will and testament. So his assets will first go through the legal process of the court to whom it will go.

Nitizens immediately thought that perhaps Mahal’s wealth along with his leftover assets would go to his mistress and rumored boyfriend Mygz Molino. Mygz was a live-in partner and Mahal was last with her until the end of her last life when she was infected with the deadly covid 19 virus. I

It cannot be said that Mygz only used Mahal when he was still alive, Mygz is a Model and Indi Film Actor and he also appeared in a few films. Mygz also has a small business where he is a reseller of Scents and Fragrances, he is also a vlogger and has his own youtube channel with over 1.3 M subscribers.

and some of his content has reached over 5M views. If Mygz has so many views and subscribers, you can’t deny that his youtube channel earns 6 figures per month. And if it accumulates, the revenue of his contents will probably be in the Millions. That is why when Mahal was still alive, the comedian was confident that Mygz was not using him because he was trying to do his own thing. Mygz once said that he has nothing to claim on Mahal’s property but that he is ready for Mahal’s family to handle the comedian’s leftovers.

For Mahal’s siblings, their sister left no document like the Nitarial Will, it is a kind of last will and testament, a legal document in which the testator owns the property as Mahal asked for legal assistance to make such a document..

The property is also a game changer. Dear her strange husband Joby Hebrew, on Nov 2 2015, the two got married at City Hall Quezon City through a Civil wedding. And their relationship did not last long. After they separated, Joby went to another country and settled there. Mahal admitted this in 2020. He said that he wrote a document in August 2019. But we know that the annulment of a marriage in the Philippines is the longest process. According to Mahal, it was not good for them to separate from her ex -husband. Joby will play a big role if the inheritance is in question if it can be proven that they were not legally Annuled by Mahal as his legal and living wife. It turns out that they are physically and emotionally separated but not leggally.

By law when a person gets married their property automatically becomes Conjugal Property, it means that the two of them already own each other’s property so if they separate they will get a share. spouses but if before marriage there was a prenuptial agreement or so-called prenup in which the two agreed on their ownership it will serve as a legal document where the implementation of conjugal property will not be automatic or default. The pren-up will protect each other.

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