October 27, 2021

UPDATE: Mura’s real illness


On Virgielyn 2.0’s facebook page, Mura shared his current condition live. According to the doctor they approached, there was no problem in the lungs. Prior to this, Mura allegedly called Virgielyn to bring her illness closer, and they met at the Albay party and here they took the opportunity to call on those with golden hearts for her treatment. During his live, many immediately extended help by sending stars to their live. And Virgielyn promised to help get Mura treated.

Go back to what really happened to Mura. According to the most legit source, Mura was taken to the Hospital or clinic to be seen by the Doctor. According to the Doctor’s findings, Mura has pheumonia, so he has a cough and shortness of breath, so he needs to be treated immediately. so as not to get worse. Mura needs treatment to make her feel better.

He said that many good people help him and he is happy to say that many people still know him and get him to take pictures. He was sad to say that Mahal was gone so he had no one to turn to for help because he wanted to get well soon and so that he could work and so that he would have a supply for his daily life. .

We know that Mura has not been active and has left his acting since 2010. After being hit by a motorcycle and breaking the former comedian’s left leg. Since then, it has been difficult for Mura to walk and live simply, in their province of Albay with his family.

 And in a vlog uploaded to Vlogger Virgielyn Cares their meeting became emotional and they also appreciated the help and the visit of Mahal and Mygz Molino to Mura. Eventually Virgielyn’s cash caught up with Mura hindj who could stop the two from crying because of it. Mura is very grateful to Vlogger and he thanks it again and again, it was a big sleep for him because it was a bit difficult for Mura to act in his condition.