December 8, 2021

Veteran actress will make a comeback and co-host with Willie Revillame!


Kris Aquino’s fans and followers are happy with the announcement she made on her social media account.

Kris revealed that she will be the co-host of ‘Wowowin’ host Willie Revillame on Sunday, August 8, by posting a promotional flyer for a brand that she endorses on her Instagram account. 

She claims that she is terrified to return to television and other social media platforms due to her health. Kris, on the other hand, stated that this is her opportunity to show her fans and supporters that she is “strong.” 

She wrote in her caption: 

“Paano ba magsisimula? THANK YOU to my friend, a real friend Willie Revillame because from even before the 1st lockdown, bago pa naging bahagi ng mga buhay namin ang SHOPEE he tried his best to convince @gmanetwork to give me a chance to cohost with him…

Thank you @annettegozonvaldes and @joeyabacan for this opportunity… To my @shopee_ph family, maybe i can now share this part of my journey with my brother, my KUYA (sorry i will omit the exact date but this was a little over a month before his death) — napuntahan ko sya, naghintay ng more than 3 hours until he was peacefully resting para masilip sya sa ICU after a procedure. The whole team at Makati Med were just so caring & compassionate and they did EVERYTHING to protect his privacy. Sobrang na touch ako because i saw for all of them it was more than just professionalism, it was RESPECT.

Gumawa ako ng paraan because they had to know how much i appreciated them- so my Shopee fam kept my secret so that i could order special kris ShopeePay vouchers. Walang lumabas- nagawan ng paraan, nakapag THANK YOU ako sa mga tahimik na nag alaga sa Kuya ko mula December 2019 nung labas masok na sya sa ospital. As i told my Shopee fam, i am fully aware my contract expires on 10/10- but they have my LOVE & LOYALTY for LIFE!

Honestly, takot akong bumalik on TV (and all platforms FB, YT, IG, and Twitter) this Sunday because i know i’m underweight, although i’m fully vaccinated i do have autoimmune, i’m still grieving, and matagal na kong hindi lumalabas on network TV.

BUT sabi nyo hinahangaan nyo sa kin ang pagiging “strong” ko- NOW is my chance to prove it, and why should I be scared? Katabi ni KCA si WBR and this is for @shopee_ph. And for all of my followers na patiently naghintay for this moment to arrive. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 #lovelovelove 🇵🇭”

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It is worth noting that Kris stated in the comment section of her most recent Facebook post on August 1st, “See you sa 8/8.”  

Fans and followers of the Queen of All Media are excited to see her working with Kuya Wil.