October 26, 2021

Vlogger Jomar Lovena happily shared the pregnancy of his relationship with Veybillyn Gorens


Jomar Lovena, a Filipino YouTuber, surprised his ladylove, Veybillyn Gorens, 

The vlogger recounted how he captured her jowa’s heart by singing a song in the YouTube video “SURPRISA (SIMPLE PERO GRABE).” 

And she considers herself to be the luckiest woman alive.

“Ang swerte ko kaya kasi jowa kita”, Veybillyn said

The couple discussed how they get along romantically and have a lot of fun while sharing silly lines.

“Araw-araw Valentines pag kasama kita eh,” Jomar loving said. 

Jomar blindfolded his girlfriend and surprised her with a candlelit meal by the pool. 

As his accomplice, his pals are, of course, always quite supportive. 

Jomar also stated that he will be addressed as “Naney” and “Tatey.” 

Yes, it’s corny, but it’s true.

Following dinner, the two dance under the stars, with one of his friends performing as the singer.

Although the video was amusing, the real tenderness was still evident.

He surprised her with another fireworks display before the video ended.

The netizens quickly expressed their ponderous ideas.

“that’s what I like to Jomar his showing his true self when it comes to love. I’m Team Josa but I know both of them are happy, so I will still continue to support them. God speed.” said Hersel Agpalza.

“ONE OF THE BEST ROMANTIC VLOG I’VE EVER WATCHED😭❤❤❤ grabeee you deserved each other stay strong sa inyo ❤❤❤” Klarence Bragais commented.

The BEST ka talaga BOSS KILLAH 😁😁 Sana road to forever nato.❤❤ Im happy for both of you TATEY and NANEY😍😍 stay safe and be strong always 💪 GOD BLESS “ by Linie Bejagan.

“Hahaha sobrang tawa ko sobrang kilig! Sobrang kilig simple pero totoo! Wagas! ❤ You deserve this bosskillah. Tama na at natapos na yung maling paghihintay mo dati sa maling babae.” Gerlie’s Journey stated.

After he posted this! 

Another surprise News to all nitizens! 

Its time for revealing Good News! 

Congratulations poured in for the news shared by vlogger Jomar Lovena in relation to the pregnancy of his girlfriend Veybillyn Gorens. In her new YouTube video, they decided to let the public know that they will be parents to their baby.

Aside from their supporters, Jomar also thanked Veybillyn for being supportive. Meanwhile. even fans of his and Sachzna duo showed support for Jomar and Veybillyn.

Congrats Bosskillah at sayong Partner. Isang Napakalaking Blessing ni Lord sainyo yan… Solid fan mo ko bosskilla 

Omooooo! So excited for the baby, gender reveal bosskillah❤️ Congratulations naney and tatey That genuine smile of yours is priceless. Hoping for a happy journey for you both 

Congrats!!Natagpuan mo na rin ang babaeng tunay na nagmahal sau at tinanggap ka ng buong buo. Nakikita kong masayang masaya ka na. God bless both of you and your family.