December 8, 2021

WOW! Pinoy isaw vendor earns PHP800K per month in New York.


In the Philippines, one of the most popular foods is street food. Filipinos enjoy street food because it allows consumers to satisfy their appetites at a minimal cost. 

Street foods can also be found in other countries. 

A Filipino named Robin John Calalo runs a successful business in Woodside, Queens, New York City.


Robin John is also known as New York’s Boy Isaw.  

He began his street-food business with a $ 50 (PHP2,500) investment.  

Robin John now makes PHP200,000 every week.  

This amounts to PHP800,000 per month for him.  

Robin John established his business in the year 2019.  

He explained that he simply craved street foods and decided to visit the market.  

In an interview with GMA News, Robin John shared his story.  

He stated, “So, nag-decide akong mamalengke. May dala akong $50.

“So, nag-try akong magluto. Dinamihan ko na tapos binenta ko.”

Robin John’s products include adidas, or chicken feet, betamax, or pork blood, isaw, and hotdogs, which are all popular Filipino street treats.  

His product, however, is popular not only among Filipinos in America but also among people of other races.  

Robin John, according to his Instagram account @boy isaw, creates his own space when he is invited to culinary events.  

Even in the instance of a pandemic, quarantine is less strict, thus Robin John’s business continues.  

He also offers ready-to-grill street food products on a stick to his consumers online.  

This allows his customers to enjoy grilling in the comfort of their own homes.  

Robin John also posts pictures of his clients enjoying his products on a daily basis.  

His customers are also quite satisfied, as evidenced by his reposts.  

It comes out that each stick of adidas, betamax, isaw, hotdog, chicken, pork ears, and other items costs $ 3.50 (about PHP175).  

The rice costs $ 2 (about PHP100), and he has a deal for three sticks for $ 14 (PHP700) plus a free drink.  

Robin John is also a fitness instructor in the United States, according to his Instagram posts.  

This story demonstrates how resourceful Filipinos are.